6 months in - what have we learnt?

Friday 22nd June 2018 by @artychat

We launched @artychat in December and have held 7 tweet chats so far. Our topics have covered areas such as Social Media and art, What makes something a piece of art and last month's chat was a huge succes on Open Studios.

The diversity of people joining the chats has been amazing and is exactly what we had hoped for. By getting people of different professions, nationalities, ages, outlooks and more, to be involved in #artychat, we are creating an environment where there is a healthy mix of thoughts, ideas and experiences. 

6 Month Word Cloud

It has been great to see the support we have had on twitter generally but also leading up to a chat. We are so grateful for people spreading the word and would like to thank you, in particular @andreacoltman @fionagroberts @AndreaVWright27 @AndersPleas @sisterhoodmuse @vernissage @nrcuk @researchprojects @nicola_Grellier @RosalindDavis @Tonbridge_Arts

Introducing us to your followers ensures we get a really broad spectum of followers and leads on to a sense of community, as the community is literally creating the community!  There is huge value in having a community that is visible and vocal in an open space, supporting each other around the topics we discuss. We have seen it already with people giving advice on how to run Open Studios, the benefits of doing a Private View and even advice on how to use Twitter!

Contributors to Chats

The fact that we have a diverse following means that the support is far reaching, not just for budding artists but also established artists and those interested in art.  The bigger picture is that we are adding value to the world of art. By discussing, learning and supporting we are creating pier networks around support.  Imagine what this would look like if we ramped up the scale? 

If we had more people helping with the account, more tweets would go out, more people could engage, more people would take part in the twetchats and finally more information shared and more learning achieved. In six months we have 600 followers and the attendance of people to the chats has increased month on month, last month we had 18 people, which is a record! The concept definitley works and we would very much like to take this forward and do even bigger and more exciting things.

Our ideas so far are to hold more frequent Tweechats with guest speakers who specialise in an area/topic that you have chosen. We would like to have galleries and museums hosting a chat on their exhibitions, letting those who can't actually visit, still experience and enjoy the exhibition remotely. We are thinking of having a people's choice 'Exhibition of the month'  and eventaully we would like to have tweet meets! 

We are over the moon that the passion and desire is out there, to make this a successful forum for those interestd in art. Our next step will be to get more people involved to be ambassadors, so that we can grow this community and the value it offers to the world of art... we would love to hear from you if you would like to be one of them!

Thank you all for your thank yous and for embracing the concept of #ArtyChat and making it easy for us to see the value in continuing our efforts.


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